Field Services


Dowclear offers a wide range of on-site field services to help you with your air or water treatment challenges including:

System Performance Troubleshooting and Optimizing:  If you are struggling to meet discharge parameters or noticed unexplainable performance issues, Dowclear can help identify the problem and get you back on track. 

Onsite Performance Testing:  Dowclear has the capacity to perform on site water testing for over 50 parameters. This service is valuable when troubleshooting performance issues or working on solutions to meet tighter regulations. 

Onsite Jar, Bench and Pilot Testing:  Preliminary on site testing is a critical step in identifying and implementing treatment solutions. Working with a continual fresh sample of water on site reduces risk when proving out a treatment solution.  

Chemical Dosing Refinement and Enhancement: Dowclear can review your chemical treatment program, check dosing rates, calibrate pumps, jar test and make adjustments that can save you money.

Mechanical and Electrical Troubleshooting:  Weather it is electrical, mechanical or process challenges, Dowclear has the experience to identify the problem and find the solution. 

Training: Dowclear offers on site and in class room training services for your new staff. 

Repair and Replacement of Parts: Dowclear can repair and replace failed components getting your facility back up and operational.

Optimizing Disposable Filter Costs: Disposable filter elements can be a significant annual cost, Dowclear can provide solutions to save you time and money.

System Modifications: Dowclear can design, supply and install the equipment required to make system modifications allowing you to enhance performance and reduce operating costs. 

System Expansions: Dowclear can design, supply and install the equipment required to make increase operating capacity on system. 

Installation Services: Weather it is a small modification or a large installation, Dowclear can manage the installation of your plant. Working with our subcontractors, we can ensure a smooth installation and commissioning.

Media Replacement: Dowclear can provide supply, replace and disposal services for your spent media. 

Media Regeneration: Dowclear can help you regenerate on site or swap out your ion exchange media depending on your project needs.  

Start-up and Commissioning:  With over 20 years experience in the field operating and commissioning treatment plants, Dowclear can provide valuable support during the start-up of your plant.


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