Treatability Testing


Weather it is on your site or in our lab, we can perform bench testing, treatability testing, and small scale pilot testing for water treatment applications.

When treating groundwater or industrial wastewater, no two water samples are ever the same. 

Interfering ions, TDS, and organic contaminants can affect performance of treatment systems making it difficult to predict operating performance prior to placing an order for a full scale plant.  In order to reduce performance risk it is recommended to prove out treatment solutions at a bench scale and pilot scale to ensure your projects success.

Dowclear can bench test and small scale pilot test the following processes:

· Aeration

· Rapid Chemical Reactions

· Slow Chemical Reactions

· Oxidation Reactions

· Precipitation Reaction

· Adsorption Reactions

· Coagulation

· Flocculation

· Clarification

· Dissolved Air Floatation

· Multimedia Filtration 

· Self Indexing Filtration

· Bag Filtration

· Cartridge Filtration

· Air Stripping

· Microfiltration, 0.1u

· Ultrafiltration, 0.02u

· Reverse Osmosis

· Sacrificial Adsorption Media Filtration

· Conventional Ion Exchange Resins

· Modified and Specialty Resins  

· Centrifuges

· Filter Pressing

· Gravity Sludge Dewatering Bins