Optimization Contracts


Given technology advancement and staff turnover, many operating water treatment plants have opportunities for adjustments and improvements that can transfer to bottom line savings.  Dowclear can help with our Optimization Services. 

Dowclear optimization contracts require no upfront client costs. If we can’t find improvements that save you money, then we will not charge for our services.  

Here is how it works: 

Stage 1 -  Identify issues and desktop Review: Provide Dowclear with a package of available information on your water treatment plant so we can review, research and develop potential ideas for improvements.

Stage 2 – Site Visit: Dowclear will visit your plant, talk with your operators and engineers, observe the operation of your plant, and gather a better understanding of you current treatment costs. 

Stage 3 – Recommendations Report:  Dowclear will provide a focused report with a list of recommended changes including an estimate for capital investment costs and potential available annual savings.

Stage 4 – Implementation Support: Dowclear will support the client through the upgrade and modification process to ensure smooth implementation and that savings are achieved.

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