Consulting Services

Dowclear offers a wide range of consulting services focused on our customers success.

Project Management Services – Dowclear can mange the design, supply and installation of a water or air treatment solution at your site, allowing you to focus on what you do best.   

Treatment Solution Selection Services  – If you are unsure how to meet target effluent objectives for an air or water stream then Dowclear can help.  With our broad understanding of treatment technologies available on the market, we can quickly identify the best solution for your specific challenge.   

Treatment Plant Detailed Design – Weather it is developing specifications for tender or enabling the client to design and built an in house treatment solution, Dowclear can offer a full range of engineering design services including:

  • Process Flow and Instrumentation  Drawings,
  • Layout Drawings,
  • Electrical Design Drawings,
  • Sub-component Selection,
  • Detailed Fabrication Drawings,

Cost To Treat Analysis – Dowclear can evaluate the treatment cost for a wide range of treatment technologies allowing our clients to make educated decisions and understand the full cost to treat an air or water stream.

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